For 20 years, I was a business owner and landscape designer — occasionally I felt like I was trying to herd cats in the mad scramble to keep all the plates spinning. Lots of it, though, was amazing. I learned SO much and got to meet a lot of great people. And I designed landscapes and sketched them by hand — because the whole point was to make more than a drawing, to convey the experience of the landscape.

During all of this, my escape was designing and creating jewelry. I fumbled around for years trying to create the perfect headpin, the perfect loop for the earrings — on the grand hunt to either find the perfect bead or make the perfect necklace.

When I and my husband retired our business, I couldn’t resist the pull of the arts. Drawing had always been my thing, I love painting, and jewelry was just another way of expressing my creativity.

When God moves, pay attention.

In the space of a year, several things happened. I had tried to get back into the workforce the traditional way (getting employed), and nothing had worked out the way I wanted. I had prayed and pleaded with God, to no avail.

Finally, it dawned on me — I have time to do my art. What if that is what God had in mind for me? So, I figured if I had all of this time, I would do art and jewelry.

My friend, the Fashion Muse

She does this crazy cool thing with finding your style, right? My style — big surprise and drumroll — is dramatic. What?! No way! I know, I know, I can hear you from here. The thing is, my clothes ARE dramatic. *shrug* It wasn’t until 3 days later, that it hit me about how to apply that to my artwork. Bam! It hit me like a ton of bricks — and totally changed my jewelry.

Step 2 (or 3) — What can man do to me?

There’s so much in the Word that tells us not to fear, but that’s easier said than done. Lately, though, God has taken another layer of fear out of my life. It’s a testimony to Him that you’re reading this. Woot!

Fear can stop you from living your best life. I thought that if I worked hard enough, perhaps, or if my life was safe enough that I would be less fearful. It should come as no surprise that it doesn’t work that way. Perfect love casts out fear. HIS love.

…And another thing

Then, like the first drops of rain in a thunderstorm — I sold some jewelry. It ‘happened’ that a friend of mine was at a fun jewelry shop, talked up my jewelry, and the jewelry owner said, ‘Have her bring it in.’ I was so excited!

That first sale pushed me over this tiny little line that must have been in my brain. It told me that I should just go for it. So, here I am.