Art West 2018

Heidi Schreiner with 'Hand Me a Brick' oil painting
‘Hand Me a Brick’ at Arts West

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times…

Allow me a little drama. I had a house fire in January. Without getting into details, I’ll tell you that my family — including our dog — all made it out safely. Our house is doomed, however.

The fire started in the garage — electrical static. What wasn’t destroyed had smoke damage.

Then, I found out that my painting ‘Hand Me a Brick’ made it into the Arts West show at the Eau Claire L.E. Phillips Public library.

So excited!

Then I was freaking out because the paintings that I had in my home studio were with the cleaning people. I had no idea if they would be ready to put up at the library.

What do you do when you have an art emergency?

You call my friend David Knowlton. Ha!

David helped me in just a few minutes over the phone to prep my painting. I was so relieved, I can’t even tell you.

This painting is a close up of my husband’s hand. He’s been working in construction all his life, so his hands — they are muscular and full of callouses and scrapes. His hands say a lot about his experience and his life. It’s the perfect way to start out my series ‘Extraordinary People — Construction’.

To all who have messaged me and told me how much they love my paintings — thank you so much. Art is personal, and it is a blessing to know that it is having an impact.




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