Update: Fine Art of Extraordinary People – Construction

“Extraordinary People — Construction” is my art project that focuses on the people in construction, what they do every day and just being awesome. If you want to know more about WHY I am passionate about this project, check out my other articles on it.

Scotty is busy at his out of town job site, so I can’t show you how AWESOME that piece is. I know; be sad. I’m sad, too. It looks SO good. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some detail shots like the water tower.

I’m still waiting on getting model releases for the shots taken downtown. I’ll be making contact soon, but they may be backed up because of the holiday. I wouldn’t be surprised, really, if they were backed up because they have SO much going on.

Currently, I’m working on a hard hat still life – my own husband’s hard hat which he loves. I need to hurry it along, though, because he wants to wear it this week. Yes, he has another hard hat, but, no, he doesn’t want to wear just ANY hard hat – just the blue one.

sketch of hard hat for a still life painting
Hard Hat Still Life Sketch

With all of this, I still have to finish my Christmas shopping.

Oh, and I’m going to be working on another still life – I want to have some color, so I’m thinking perhaps orange or pink safety ribbon – and maybe something with reflective tape, too. Any ideas for me?

I am finding that I enjoy still life composition. Is that wrong? Ultimately, I want to move forward with portraits and figurative painting, but still lifes are peaceful and interesting and have potential for appreciating something different about ordinary objects. I love it!

If you have any ideas for other still life objects from construction, please do let me know!

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