Artist David Knowlton! SQUEE!

I am a FANGIRL of David Knowlton!

So, I and my man were downtown Eau Claire. JP says, ‘Let’s take a walk over here,’ so we walk down a side road off Barstow and find the art gallery 200 Main. Yay! Love art. We walk in.

BAM! Batman!


The paintings on the wall I saw over a year ago at the Eau Claire Public Library. I was a HUGE fan then. Here they are AGAIN! 

I’m gaga over these babies, so I just stand there for a couple of minutes.

David Knowlton can make a barn look like a cathedral. His forms take on a beauty disconnected from the utilitarian use. I never thought I would be so enthralled with barns.

Part of it is the graphic quality with his intuitive use of shadows. He also intensifies the colors, adding texture and shimmering rainbows of halo effect to show off the shapes. (You can’t see the halo effect in these photos because it’s a small shimmer of color band around the forms. Check David Knowlton’s website for a better look.)

Look below at how he pushes the boundary by shoving the barn off to the right — much farther than the ‘art rules’ would allow. It reminds me of when you stand on the edge of  a field and see long rows of beans or corn — long horizons. LOVE!


Meanwhile, I overhear a couple of guys talking behind me and something occurs to me, so I turn around and say…

‘Are YOU the artist?’

‘Yes.’ (I am meeting David Knowlton!!)

Up until this point, I was a reasonable adult. 


(I think I said, OMG several times. More gushing.)

‘I love your work! I saw it at the EC Public Library!’

‘Um, wasn’t that like a year ago?’

‘Yes.’ I think this is when he realized that I’m a real fan and not *just* a crazy person.

Then I took a pic with my new BFF. *Squee!*


Best part of my day. My husband is now known as the Artist Whisperer. LOL.

To top it off, David and I went to coffee a couple of weeks later. I grilled him on his expertise and experience and what was going on. The fact that he is just a great guy, too, makes it all wonderful. 

David Knowlton’s advice to artists — do a LOT of art. It’s the best way to grow. (I am paraphrasing, but he said that was by  far the best thing he got during his college years.)


David starts his barns with photographs. Then, he does several small sketches — think 3″ x 4″ size. When he’s happy with the general layout, he has it blown up to full size at a copy shop. *shortcuts!*

He takes the copy of his sketch home and transfers it to canvas with carbon paper. Yes, you can still get this at OfficeMax. He sprays it with a fixative. When that’s dry, he paints it with oils.

I have tried his technique of sketching small first, and it works great. You develop your composition faster. It’s honed because you cannot think of tiny details when your sketch is so small.

When you truck over to David Knowlton’s website, check out ‘White Gothic’ and ‘Buffalo County’. They’re 2 of my faves.

Every artist has their own viewpoint. Their own way of looking at things. David Knowlton transforms barns into cathedrals.







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