Artist Patricia Hawkenson — Woot!

So, as any well-connected artist will do, I was attending an art show last week. Before the evening was over, I had a close-up encounter with Patricia Hawkenson. Woot!

Drove down to Artisan Forge, and the big overhead doors were wide open to the work areas. Bright yellow lights cascaded down onto tables of items and folks milling around.

There was a food truck, so I raced inside to avoid temptation.

I took my time, savoring the art as I looked around to see what would interest me. Painters, sculptors, — they even had someone playing guitar. I like seeing what others are creating, but after a bit, I wanted to see what was going on in their new addition, so I took a stroll.

Around the corner and up the stairs…only to find some friends of mine from Chippewa Falls!

Lounging about on ultra-hip furniture and ‘chocolate drunk’, …

Amy Burke Lepper from One of a Kind Design and Marnie Keilholz from House Blend were there with Roy Rico of Rico Quality Homes.

My peeps!

OF COURSE, I had to sit and chat. One of a Kind and House Blend are opening a design studio at Artisan Forge. Shazam, Batman! Any folks who find it a trial to drive to Chippewa (it’s not far, really) can make an appointment to find them in Eau Claire.

SO, we’re chatting it up, people are strolling in and out looking at their studio and clutching at chocolate from the large dish on the table, when I look up to see someone I recognize from about 12 years ago…

Long story short, I worked with this man who is married to one of the local artists, Patricia Hawkenson.

How cool is that?!

I said adieu to my design friends, and went to check out Patricia’s work.


The photo is a little blurry, but just look at her work! This was done with fine line markers and watercolor. There is just something about this piece that I love. The colors are beautiful.

It has a storybook feel.

Right down to how the details are thought out, but not overworked — just playful. Nicely done!

So you should know that Patricia is making a splash in town with her coloring book Color Eau Claire. I asked her about it and even had a sneak peak at the event. She’s done a great job showcasing our city, so if you see her book, take a look.

One more shot of another of Patricia Hawkenson’s artwork…


Please excuse my bad photography and…

appreciate her art.

I don’t know what this one is called, but I find it enchanting. LOVE the little clock on there as well as the fairy tale feel. I just noticed there seems to be a large raven in this one, too…


I’m on the left, Patricia is on the right. Burn this image into your brain, so you can do some artist spotting later on. 😉

Patricia Hawkenson is an artist that I (and the rest of the Chippewa Valley) will see more and more of over the next few years — I just know it.

They were shutting down the event before I left. Basically, they had to kick my butt out of there. So, YES, I had a good time. What’s not to love?

If you see Patricia Hawkenson (or any of my other artsy peeps), say ‘hi’.


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