Visiting Bilhenry Walker, the Sculptor

When you find someone that is passionate about their art, it shows. This past summer, I took a stroll through an event at Artisan Forge and had a conversation with Bilhenry Walker. His sculpture was on display along with some furniture.


You’re right — that sculpture that I am oh, so casually leaning on is his sculpture. Oops. Too casual.

Actually, I don’t know  if Bilhenry would object too much. The sculpture is on a personal scale, and it’s metal — rugged. Meant to be seen up close and personal.

For all it’s pointy bits, I could see this sculpture in a garden providing counterpoint to the flowers and shrubs.  It would work wherever you have a personal scale — so in a downtown with sidewalks all around, a small corporate entry, or even a large residential indoor space. What a fun find!

Thank you, Bilhenry Walker!


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