Artistic Experiments — Collage

I’ve been up since 4 a.m. This is not so unusual for me lately. Jumping right into my art, I am trusting the process to figure out what I want to create for the day.

Today is digital collage. Create with altered images, shapes, transparency.

I’m blaming Rex Ray for this one.

When I saw Rex Ray’s work, I was blown away. Firstly — it doesn’t read like a collage. secondly, it’s very modern. I used to think that collage was only and ever somewhat vintage.

No Fear

The key (for me) to art is a bit of letting go. Letting go of fear, rules, preconceived notions — and especially letting go of what others will think. One can implode with all of the pressures that we put on ourselves.

Digital collage may not be my new style, but it gives me a chance to see art and life differently. Today, I created out of photos of hot air balloons modified to seem like a kaleidoscope. Add some pink clocks, stripes, and painted ceilings, and mash it together on a pink cloud backdrop. Shazam, Batman!

I started with digital collage, but Robert Burridge uses scraps of magazines, paper, and paint to collage. I may try this next. It looks like fun!

If you’re feeling like your artistic spirit is getting old and crusty, try collage. It doesn’t take a bunch of fancy materials. You can run down to the second hand shops and grab some interesting magazines. Cut out things that are cool. Paste them onto a canvas or board, toss some paint at it. Scrape things off; glue things on.


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