I wore spurs to the grocery store once. Yes, western, ‘I’m a cowgirl’ spurs with a black leather jacket and blue jeans. (I am accountable for my fashion choices, but … that was a doozy. Here’s the thing, though…

I LIKE standing out from the crowd.

Yesterday, it was Monday. Things weren’t going so great. To make myself feel better, I put on the flashiest top I had (red with purple leopard spots) and rocked it all day long with bright red lipstick.

As an artist, I create dramatic moments for other people. That spark is something I’ve been chasing for a long time. When you see a painting or jewelry that makes your heart skip — wow! THAT is what I am doing here.

As an artist, I love it when my art or jewelry connects with others. When I can find more cool, funky people like myself — that’s what I love.

Thank you, universe!

So, how do you rock your statement earrings? Do you have a painting in your home that gives you warm fuzzies every time you see it? Is there a certain color that you can’t get enough of? (Mine, lately, is turquoise)

Embrace it!

If you’re into drama, color, blonde mohawks, black leather, or even chickens in your kitchen — embrace it. Don’t let others judge your taste. See where it leads you. You have your own voice that needs to be heard.

The longer I live, the more I discover…the more my taste and design change and evolve. As someone who is visual, I try to make each room  in my house speak good things to me every day. Things that I love to hear. I’m not getting metaphysical or psychospiritual — I’m just saying, if you love the arts like I do, if you are a designer, a collector, or someone who loves jewelry — surround yourself with things you love. It will change your every day in tiny ways that will add up  to a whole lot of awesome.


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